Get all the benefits of a gated community and more wherever you are, with high quality domestic solutions for families and homes.

Cleaning & Housekeeping

We use the best, most reliable and most effective cleaning technology and equipment. Our team is trained on the use of the equipment as well as the chemicals and detergents we use. We use our own detergents that are designed specially to deliver the best possible outcome keeping into consideration the safety and well-being of your home and family. 

We do not build relationships with suppliers, We build long lasting partnerships with the top players to create our own proprietary blends, fragrances and chemicals.

Sanitizing & Disinfecting

Our team is also trained on using top sanitizing machinery that allows us to be efficient and cover larger areas more efficiently, as well as the fine details, we choose our equipment carefully to ensure efficiency and purpose – we use fine atomizers as well as heat sanitizing from hot vapor.

There is no one chemical that fits all. There is a wide range of disinfectants – at Armada we source the best chemicals, all our chemicals are based on European Union & WHO standards, and are approved by the Ministry Of Health and Ministry of Agriculture. 

Pure chlorine

Diluted 1 to 10 (as per Global standards) Chlorine in its pure form is one of the strongest bleaching agents and is famous for its ability to purify and disinfect.
Cons of Chlorine:
– Very strong Odor (Place may need
to be evacuated for a couple of
– Can not be used on fabrics
– Not Pet Friendly
Pros of Chlorine:
– Strong disinfectant
– Cost effective
– Ideal for outdoor spaces (Not on

Good for Outdoor areas (No Gardens), Bathrooms, warehouses, Streets, etc,

Sodium hypochlorite

Sodium Hypochlorite is a very effective surface disinfectant that is approved for usage on surfaces, in hospitals and medical facilities.
 Cons of Sodium Hypochlorite:
– Strong Odor – Armada does not
recommend it for households with young children or people with chest and breathing issues
– POSSIBLE damage to fabrics in large amounts.
Pros of Sodium Hypochlorite:
– A very strong Disinfectant
– Approved for use as a surface disinfectant by Hospitals and medical institutions
– Human Friendly, as long as not ingested & no direct contact with the eyes.

Good for Outdoor and indoor Areas, good for offices and factories, malls, restaurants, homes (NO FURNITURE)

Hydrogen peroxide H2O2

Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 is the disinfectant of choice across all major medical institutions, it is also one of the strongest disinfectants for the purpose of virus control.
Cons of Hydrogen Peroxide:
– Slightly more expensive
Pros of Hydrogen Peroxide:
– A very strong disinfectant
– Almost Odorless
– Safe to use on fabrics and furniture
– Human and pet friendly

Good for homes, offices, hospitals, malls
(during operating hours), restaurants, Hotels
and hotel rooms, etc,

Chlorine based disinfectant

Designed especially to fulfill the needs of F&Bs, Kitchens, Food Production plants, grocery stores, butcher houses, etc.
Cons of Hydrogen Peroxide:
– Slightly more expensive
Pros of Chlorine Based Disinfectant:
– A strong disinfectant
– Medium Odor
– Safe to use on food (safe if Ingest)
– Human and pet friendly

Good for Kitchens, Food Production plants,
grocery stores, butcher houses, etc.

Hand Sanitizing Solutions

Comes in gel and liquid fragranced alcohol formats.

Our very own hand gel, manufactured using the best quality alcohol (78%) and beautifully fragranced. 

Version for men and a version for women each with their unique scent.