Armada is a young facility management company that is dedicated to making your lives easier, whether you are a company or an individual. Founded in 2016, under the name EGYCon, we specialized in Facility management and mobilization for construction and petroleum sites. In 2019, We saw the opportunity to venture into the domestic side of the business.

We create custom on-site solutions to fit your needs as a business from sanitizing, maintenance, cleaning, site services, security, residential servicing for residential and office communities.

We have also noticed that one of the main perks of living within a gated community is the access to a wide range of convenient and hassle-free life solutions for the residents; and have since developed our own app that offers stress-free and comfortable solutions to residents of gated and non-gated communities, from state-of-the-art housekeeping services, a full-fledged maintenance team, a mobile car care and cleaning unit, personalized and tailored security services and integrated home solutions.

Our Sanitizing service takes place with the help of top technology and machines as well as top quality materials and chemicals that have been created carefully to ensure they are human and animal friendly, and a highly trained team that has been trained on how and when to use the different sanitizing methods and techniques.

We are also distributors of “DELRO”, a locally produced, high Quality hand sanitizing Gel, with 70% alcohol.

We have the pleasure of offering, a number of solutions that could help people and businesses feel more at ease and safe.